Ampa backs Better Business Act.

Leading legal and professional services group Ampa has signed up to the Better Business Act; a campaign that looks to change UK law to ensure that the Companies Act prioritises the interest of wider society and the environment.

Currently, the Companies Act 2006 requires directors to prioritise the success of the company for the benefit of its members. The campaign, which is being backed by more than 900 signatories, is pushing for an amendment to section 172 of the Companies Act, which enshrines the duties for directors to promote the ‘purpose’ of the company over the ‘success’ of the company and will see businesses factor in cleaner, greener and fairer business practice.

Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of Ampa, said: “The pandemic has taught us the excuses of our previous paradigms are no longer valid. We must each create ripples to join into a wave of much-needed change.

To us, a change in the law makes complete sense. There are many businesses like those in Ampa’s house of brands that look to do business for good naturally. However, there are still plenty of UK businesses exploiting workers, the planet and local communities in order to make a profit.

We believe business can be both purposeful and profitable and would encourage our clients and peers to join the better business act coalition.

Ampa is a leading group of legal and professional services brands including Shakespeare Martineau, Lime Solicitors, Marrons Planning, Corclaim and CSS Assure. The group recently announced a merger with South West law firm Mayo Wynne Baxter and is B Corporation pending.