Shakespeare Martineau supports STOPageism campaign.

Published: 27th January 2021

Shakespeare Martineau is the first law firm to show support for the STOPageism campaign, founded by Guild Living, being one of the first 40 organisations to join the initiative launched in September 2020.

The campaign looks to take positive steps to stop ageism in society, bringing older people back into the heart of communities, improve the lives of older people and change the way society views ageing.

Campaigners at STOPageism said: "Ageism negatively affects all of us. The recent coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the shocking way that our society and policymakers treat older people. Pushed to the margins and forgotten about, with their needs often thought of last - we have all seen the tragic consequences that this can have.

"More broadly - from derogatory everyday language, to inaccessible cities and poor services - ageism is sadly still a daily reality for many people."

The campaign is focused on three key areas:

1. Changing language

2. Changing cities

3. Changing services

"We will make cities more accessible and age-friendly. From retrofitting existing buildings to encouraging architects and planners to be more age considerate in future builds, we want our cities to promote independence and inclusivity for all.

"We will promote safety and independence by making services such as financial and technology services easier, safer and fairer to use. People need more confidence and support to take control of their affairs, and we'll help to provide it."

Head of Building Communities Louise Drew said: "Our work with social housing, extra care villages, retirement housing and affordable housing providers makes this a campaign close to our hearts. Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all is absolutely critical and our specialist planning teams and legal experts are working with clients to improve the future-proofing of new developments and promote independence. We look forward to being part of the STOPageism journey and seeing positive steps we can all make together."

For more information about the campaign, visit