Vibrant Places Report

What makes the places in which we live and work vibrant?

As we grapple with the challenges of modernity, building places with thriving communities at their heart becomes not just a choice but an imperative for the resilience and vitality of our society. Investing in them can enable us to build resilient communities and lay the groundwork for a sustainable and prosperous future.

To explore this concept, we brought together a panel of experts from across multiple sectors and, collectively, we have constructed a framework that simplifies the notion of a vibrant place and maps out the opportunities for and barriers against their creation.

Supplementing this is data from a survey of 1,241 people to gather evidence on the public’s attitudes towards the areas in which they live and work and how they can be transformed.

We also held two interactive workshops at Anthropy 2023 – a national gathering at the Eden Project where leaders and organisations consider Britain’s future and its place in the world – where more than 40 voices joined the discussion.

Utilising this expertise, knowledge and data, our new Vibrant Places report defines the essence of a vibrant place, explores the myriad of opportunities they present, and looks at the barriers to and who is responsible for their realisation. We also outline our targeted asks of central and local government, businesses and individuals to enable their creation and shape the future of our communities.

We’ll be launching the report at our Vibrant Place - how are leaders driving change? event, in partnership with Anthropy, on Tuesday June, 18 at our Birmingham hub – Register for the event here >