Our Community

As a committed responsible business, we recognise the importance of the communities we rely on to succeed and seek to support them as they support us. Our approach to community is rooted in understanding shared priorities and a desire to make a positive impact.

Meaningful collaboration

Through charitable giving, volunteering and our pro bono work, we collaborate with local organisations to achieve positive change.

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Pro Bono

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Work Experience


volunteering in our community

What we've acheived so far

We have Responsible Business Champions in each office hub who lead charity partnerships with local communities.

We have supported over 400 people via mentoring or virtual Insights programmes since 2021.

We offer up to two days volunteering per person per year for our people.

We are a member of LawWorks, the solicitors’ pro bono group.

We support local enterprise with the creation of impactful new start-ups via the nationa lIngenuity Programme, offering pro bono legal support.

We support work-experience for students with the 10,000 Black Interns Programme.

And theres more planned...

We will launch the Ampa Foundation

We will introduce up to two days volunteering per person per year for our people.

We will pilot a structured school work-experience programme.

Here are just a few of the charities and organisations we've worked with.


Our 2023 Impact Report

Ampa has published its first impact report, recording the wider group’s achievements and progress to date, since the relaunch of its responsible business programme last year. Making more than 30 pledges to its people, planet and local communities, the group has seen significant improvements in its commitment to increasing diversity at a senior level, reducing its carbon footprint and offering career development opportunities to under-represented groups.

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